Roots of Aussie Rock Show

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Lonnie Lee’s ‘Roots of Aussie Rock’ Show

The show features The Leemen, stage props and audio visual in venues with facilities.

As one of Australia’s first Entertainment Superstars, Lonnie Lee is as credible as one can get when it comes to representing and portraying the facts about his era and those stars who were in it with him.

In this show he tells a brief story about the very first major stars of the original Rock’n’Roll era, 1957 to 1962. These were his friends and peers, all of them sharing such a unique time in the formation of what has become a billion dollar music industry.

He honours their achievements by singing their major hits and some of the songs they were well known for on television.

Over the era many stars were born, however he has chosen the first major stars.

JOHNNY O’KEEFE was well known as J.O’K and ‘The Wild One’. He started his recording career in 1958 becoming Australia’s first Rock’n’Roll star. Due to his many hits, live show and TV popularity, he is stilled referred to, ‘Australia’s First King of Rock’. He compeered Australia’s first Rock TV show, ABC’s ‘Six O’clock Rock and had his own shows, The Johnny O’Keefe Show, ‘Sing Sing Sing’ and ‘Where the Action is’. His style was loosely based on James Brown and other ‘soul’ singers of the 50’s.


COL JOYE started his recording career not too long after J.O’K and was an instant success. He had a string of hits and was at times considered the country’s most popular star. He was also the major music star of TV’s ‘Bandstand’. He and his brother Kevin stared one of Australia’s most successful Entertainment Agencies.

His style was based in country music in a similar way to Ricky Nelson.

JOHNNY REBB was known as the ‘Gentleman of ‘Rock’n’Roll’ because he always dressed in an immaculate suit. He liked country music so it made sense his first record in 1959 had a country rock beat. He also recorded in USA and later teamed up with the instrumental group The Atlantics.

JOHNNY DEVLIN in 1958 became New Zealand’s first music Superstar. His style was initially based on the movements of the early Elvis and he had many hits from 1958. In 1959 he came to Australia and became a big star, not only performing, but also as a songwriter for many upcoming stars. He also performed on The Beatles Australian tour.

DIG RICHARDS first recorded for the Rex label and had a massive hit singing a song his brother wrote. He was often referred to as the ‘James Dean’ of Australia as he looked a little like him. He was very popular and toured extensively across Australia. He was the permanent music star of TV’s ‘Teen Time’ and in his later career, he recorded many of his own compositions.

LUCKY STARR had a monster comedy style hit in 1962 with ‘I’ve been everywhere’ which he recorded for Festival Records. As a cabaret star he performed in Las Vegas and Reno and later in his career crossed into the country music area with many hit albums to his credit.

BARRY STANTON was known as ‘The Big Boy of Song’ due to his stature. He looked a little like Elvis and was known for singing many of his songs at dances and on TV. He had several charting hits and was voted 3rd most popular star on TV’s ‘Six O’Clock Rock’.

WARREN WILLIAMS had several chart records for Leedon Records and was unique in that he had a strong voice and recorded many well known classical songs in a pop style. He was very popular at dances and on TV shows like ‘Bandstand’ and ‘Six O’Clock Rock’ .

NOELEEN BATLEY was the first Australian girl to hit the top of the hit parades. She recorded several hits, was a regular on TV shows and toured extensively.

THE DELLTONES were the most successful vocal group of the time. The 4 guys not only had their own many hits and shows, they also provided the vocal backings for other stars on many records and stage shows. At the start, before they had their own big hits, they were known as Australia's version of The Diamonds.

This is the first time one of the original stars of Australian Rock’n’Roll has presented a show to celebrate the success, popularity and songs of his friends and peers.

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I saw this show and was blown away. I wasn't alive when these people were around but just loved their songs. Want to see it again and take my friends this time.

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