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Like it is - ST817 Released in August 2001 this features 33 songs from the last two years shows. His unique versions of these oldies inject a new excitement into them and it doesn't take much to imagine the excitement they generate on stage. Music historian Damian Johnstone writes the liner notes offering his critique of the CD and on that account alone, this is a CD that all Lonnie Lee and fans of Classic Rock should have. He includes his tributes to The Everly Bros, Johnnie Ray - Johnny O'Keefe and Buddy Holly as well a sack full of other super hits of the early rock era. The 33 tracks include - Ready for you - Let's think about livin' - The great pretender - Treat me nice - Cry - Little white cloud that cried - Bird dog - Cathy's Clown - Wake up little Suzie - Doudt our love - Wild One - So tough - Maybe Baby - Rave on - Everyday - Heartbeat and many more.


Lonnie Lee    & The Leemen         

Like it is                     

Starlite Records ST817

1.  Golden Days                     Tony Burkys sings Show Intro…
2.  Ready for You
3.  Let’s think about living
4.  Ain’t Misbehavin’                           Johnnie Ray Segment
5.  Little white cloud that cried                         “
6.  Cry                                                   “
7.  Walkin’ my baby back home                             “
8.  I Might
9.  The great pretender
10. Treat me nice
11. Samba                                  The Leemen featuring Peter Forrell
12. Bird Dog                                   Everly Bros Segment
13. Cathy’s Clown                                       “
14. Dream                                               “
15. Wake up little Suzie                                “
16. Till I kissed you                                   “
17. Crying in the rain                                  “
18. Claudette                                           “
19. Bye Bye Love                                        “
20. You excite me                                 J.O’K Segment
21. Why do they) Doubt our love                         “
22. Wild One (Real Wild Child)                           “
23. (You hit the( Wrong note Billygoat)                  “
24. So tough                                             “
25. Chantilly Lace                                  The Leemen featuring Bob Randall
26. La Bamba                                        The Leemen featuring Tony Burkys
27.That’ll be the day                            Buddy Holly Song featuring Merv Dick
28. Maybe Baby                                   Buddy Holly Segment Lonnie
29. Heartbeat                                            “
30. Everyday                                             “
31. Rave On                                              “
32. Oh Boy                                               “
33  Skokian                                 The Leemen featuring Peter Forrell

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Australian Music History

These are the songs which created history from the late 50's and early 60's. This was the time when the Australian music industry began and Lonnie was one of its founders.

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