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Lonnie Lee - st819 Good Rockin Tonight. This album is the show he presented 2003-2004. 33 great songs including his own hits, celebrations of the great songs of Johnnie Ray and trips back to the days when Rockabilly ruled the hit parades. The Leemen provide the music and vocal backings and it is a full on ride through the era many call the 'Good Times'. Excellent live production and liner notes. A true representation of Lonnie as he is today.

ST819  Lonnie Lee & The Leemen

Same as Live show filmed in 2003

All tracks are also on the DVD of the same name
                                    Other CDs it is on  
1.      7 Days to rock              
2.     Sea of Heartbreak  
3.     Starlight Starbright            ST815 (Original version)
4.     Endlessley – Stand by Me      
5.     Sitting by the river            ST816
6.     Sure Fire Bet                   ST816
7.     When the bells stop ring        ST815      
8.     Josephine                     “
9.     In the middle of an island  ST816
10.    Ain’t it so                  ST815 – ST818
11.    Baby Let’s play house        ST815
12.    Baby Baby Bye Bye            ST816
13.    I Gotta know                 ST815
14.    Hard Headed Woman         
15.    If I May    (1st Bee Gee Song)   ST816
16.    Shake Rattle and Roll – Bob Randall (Bass Player)
17.    Singing the Blues – Merv Dick (Drummer)
18.    Jailhouse Rock – Tony Burkys (Guitar)
19.    When my blue moon turns     Rockabilly Segment
20.    Party Doll                         “
21.    Poor Little Fool                   “
22.    Travellin Man                      “
23.    Devil Woman                        “
24.    El Paso                            “
25.    Reelin and Rockin                  “
26.    Good Rockin Tonight              ST811
27.    I found a new love               ST816
28.    Yes Indeed I do                  ST816

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Australian Music History

These are the songs which created history from the late 50's and early 60's. This was the time when the Australian music industry began and Lonnie was one of its founders.

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