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Don\'t Look Back - ST811 A collection of some of his own songs recorded in 1994. 11 of the songs are from the many he wrote whilst living in Nashville writing for and with Roy Orbison. Even though he has recorded them in his own style, it is quite obvious many of them were written for the Big \'O\'. Excellent modern arrangements in what could be called an \'adult contemporary\' release with a \'country\'and \'blues\' feel. Tracks are - Don\'t look back - It takes me back to baby - Good Rockin\' Tonight - In love with Australia - I\'m Hurtin - Love is here tonight - Goodbye is not forever - Knock on your door - Ring a Ding love - Rain - In love again - Low Down Feling - Scoobie Doobie - Holy Xmas.

Starlite Records   ST811

Don’t Look Back

Includes songs he wrote for Roy Orbison.

1. Good Rockin’ Tonight  3.42
2. It takes me back to baby  4.33
3. I’m in love wioth Australia  3.39
4. I’m Hurtin’ 3.45
5. Love is here tonight  3.18
6. Goodbye is not forever  4.42
7. Knock on your door 2.21
8. Ring a Ding Love  2.26
9. Rain  2.54
10. In love again  4.13
11. Low down feeling  4.13
12. Scoobie Dooby 3.08
13. Holy Xmas  5.16



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Australian Music History

These are the songs which created history from the late 50's and early 60's. This was the time when the Australian music industry began and Lonnie was one of its founders.

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