Who am I? The Self Realisation of a Rock'n'Roll Star

Who am I?  The Self Realisation of a Rock'n'Roll Star
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This is the 64 page Hard cover version. It is also available as a download PDF e Book as product BST03D.

The Rock'n'Roll music industry is full of stories about well known stars who have taken the path of excess only for it to eventually be the cause of their demise.

On the other hand there are a few solitary examples of stars who have taken the opposite route. They have sought and gained spirituality or healthfulness or some other form of positive input to their lives. Their journey too would have been hard searching for their freedom from the delicious delights of fame.

This book is about one of those stars. His journey too was hard and fraught with temptation to follow the crowd. He didn't succumb and took to pen and paper to record these confusions and moments as they happened.

An insight into the trials and tribulations when searching for ones own identity especially when in the grip of a public profile.

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