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The Definitive Original Collection Vol 2 - ST816
This is the companion to Volume 1 and the set is truly an historic CD set! Once again 26 original Lonnie Lee tracks from his first releases in 1959 to 1964 when he released through Leedon and Lee Gordon Records. This is their first release since the originals! The songs are from many of his albums as well as some of his many Gold No1 hits. The 2 CD set also features a CD-Rom which can be put into a PC computer where one can see video of him on Six O'clock Rock, a performance at the Wintersun Festival today, receiving the 'Best Nostalgia Star Award Speech and more, plus stories, memorabilia photographs, lyrics and also the music. This is the first time in OZ music history that a CD-Rom has become available for one of the original Superstars of OZ Rock. A true look at Oz music history. The tracks are the original ones recorded from 1959 to 1964 and have been carefully digitally mastered and noise reduced to preserve the warmth and ambience of vinyl. Tracks include I found a new love, Defenceless, Yes Indeed I do, Sitting by the river, Shame on you Miss Johnson, She is the one girl for me, Sure fire bet, Marilyn, Acres of everything, Ready Teddy plus many many more. Also includes 4 of The Leemen instrumentals such as their great follow up hit to 'Johnny Guitar', 'High Noon'.

Lonnie Lee  The Definitive  Original Collection – The Leedon Years 1959 -1964 - VOLUME 2

1.  Shame on you Miss Johnson – His first 1959 single was to be A side but ‘Ain’t it so’ became the hit.  Written by Bobby Freemen who also wrote Do you wanna Dance
2.  Sure Fire Bet – Written by Gene Pitney
3.  Defenceless – One side of Australia’s first double sided hit – I found a new love was other.  By Otis Blackwell who also wrote many Elvis hits like Don’t be Cruel and Return to Sender.
4.  You’re gonna miss me - B side of Australia’s first full brass orch pop hit. Sitting by the river A side
5.  She’s doin me wrong – Written by J.O’K it was B side of Starlight Starbright
6.  High Noon    Theme from Movie  The Leemen   Peter Bazley on lead guitar (instrumental)
7.  She is the one girl for me -  Theme from the movie. ‘The Great Escape’.
8.  Don’t you know pretty baby-TOP 20 HIT By Charlie Rich – Warren Carr on piano
9.  Fun in the summer sun – Written by Lonnie
10. In the middle of an island - Lonnie’s unique version of 50’s hit
11. Marilyn –Written by Lonnie as tribute to Marilyn Monroe. Made Top 10 in New York – Banned in Oz!
12. Yes Indeed I do – Lonnie’s 3rd single hit
13. Gumbo   The Leemen written by Lonnie (instrumental)
14. Acres of everything – Country style
15. It’s the same old tale – Country style
16. Baby Baby Bye Bye - Written by Jerry Lee Lewis
17. Make Love to me   The Leemen (instrumental)
18. Lover Doll – From his first record – EP This is Lonnie Lee 1959
19. I found a new love – One of Oz’ biggest sellers & one side of  first double sided hit. Defenceless was the other side.   Lonnie’s 5th single hit.
20. Sitting by the river –  TOP 10 HIT Lonnie’s 4rd single hit
21. I’d like to leave if I may – First serious song Bee Gees had released by anyone. Side B to  ‘Acres of everything’
22. The only one I love – Written by Lonnie
23. Too soon to know – Written by Don Gibson
24. What’d I say   The Leemen (instrumental)
25. Go away little girl – From TV Show
26. Ready Teddy – Live from Bandstand Show


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Australian Music History

These are the songs which created history from the late 50's and early 60's. This was the time when the Australian music industry began and Lonnie was one of its founders.

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