Lonnie Lee- The Definitive Original Collection Vol 3 - ST818

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Lonnie Lee - The Definitive Collection Volume 3. ST818 This is a collection of songs Lonnie sang on television from 1959 to the mid 70's. The tracks are from Six O'Clock Rock, Sing Sing Sing, The Johnny O'Keefe Show, Bandstand, The Ray Taylor Show, The Reg Lindsay Show and others. They have been digitally processed to eliminate as much noise, pops and clicks as possible but have not been enhanced so to keep the authentic sound of the period. These are the original tracks many with introductions by Jonny O'Keefe and others.

Lonnie Lee  The Definitive  Original Collection – The TV Shows 1959 -1972 - VOLUME 3

1. 18 Yellow Roses      2.09                JOK/Sing Sing Sing
2. Do what you do do well  2.21        JOK/Sing Sing Sing
3. I ain’t gonna tell nobody 2.04       JOK/Sing Sing Sing
4. Ain’t it so 2.14   * Written by JOK/Lonnie Lee     Six O’Clock Rock
5. Apple peaches Pumpkin Pie  2.25   Joe Taylor Show
6. As long as I’m singing  1.31       Bandstand
7. Ask me 1.58                                JOK/Sing Sing Sing
8. Beautiful Dreamer 2.15             Maggie Tabberer Show
9. Besame Mucho / Dark Eyes 2.49     Bandstand
10. Black Cloud 2.27                      JOK/Sing Sing Sing
11. Born to lose 2.35                       JOK /Sing Sing Sing
12. Country Boy at Heart 1.32  * Written by Lonnie Lee  Reg Lindsay Show
13. From me to you 1.54                Bandstand
14. Go away little girl  1.57            Bandstand
15. Hit Parade Medley 3.20           Bandstand
16. How do you do what you do to me 1.42    JOK /Sing Sing Sing
17. I need you now 1.42                 JOK/Sing Sing Sing
18. I’ll take Romance  2.23            Bandstand
19. I’m gonna make you love me 2.51 Joe Taylor Show
20. Invisible Tears 1.59                  JOK/Sing Sing Sing
21. It’s over 2.54                             JOK /Sing Sing Sing
22. A letter from Betty 2.13           JOK /Sing Sing Sing
23. Wonder of you 2.33                  JOK/Sing Sing Sing
24. Lonesome Number 1 1.57        JOK /Sing Sing Sing
25. Merci Cherie 3.05                     Bandstand
26. Mountain of love 2.24               JOK/Sing Sing Sing
27. Ready Teddy  1.31                    Bandstand
28. Ruby   2.47                                 Joe Taylor Show
29. Blue Winter   2.11                     JOK/Sing Sing Sing
30. Such a Night   2.18                     Bandstand
31. Suspicion 2.22                            Bandstand
32. United we stand 2.35                 Joe Taylor Show
33. Low down feeling 3.48  * Bluesy feel written by Lonnie Lee

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Australian Music History

These are the songs which created history from the late 50's and early 60's. This was the time when the Australian music industry began and Lonnie was one of its founders.

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