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Peter Andrew's much awaited book, 'Back from the brink'.
Since his record breaking appearances on ABC TV's 'Australian Story, Peter has been in demand to explain his theory on how Australia can achieve agricultural and ecological sustainability.
The book itself is not a plan to fix your own personal patch, however it will take you on a journey to places and ideas which will put you on the path to implement strategies which will bring your patch back from the brink.
For this to happen though, you must be prepared to think and act outside of the traditional square, because that's where Peter is, waiting for you.
A great read which hopefully will kick start you to follow the Natural Sequence Farming way.
The Web site is here.
The book is a best seller and will help you get an understanding of what Peter's Natural Sequence Farming is all about.

Peter Andrew's was the subject of a two-part Australian Story in 2005, 'Of Drought and Flooding Rain', about his controversial vision for saving the Australian landscape. In this book, Peter outlines what he has learned about Australia's unique landscape, what has led us to the potential environmental catastrophe, and the unique methods that could save us from disaster.

Peter Andrews is a racehorse breeder and farmer credited with remarkable success in converting degraded, salt-ravaged properties into fertile, drought-resistant pastures. His methods are so at odds with conventional scientific wisdom that for 30 years he has been dismissed and ridiculed as a madman. He has faced bankruptcy and family break-up. But now, on the brink of ecological disaster, leading politicians, international scientists and businessmen are beating a path to his door as they grapple with how best to alleviate the affects of drought on the Australian landscape. Described as a man who reads and understands the Australian landscape better than most scientists, supporters of Peter Andrews claim he has done what no scientist ever thought to do - he has restored streams and wetlands to the way they were before European settlement interfered with them. The startling results of his natural sequence farming are said to have been achieved very cheaply, simply and quickly.

About the Author

Peter Andrews is an Australian race horse breeder and grazier from Bylong in the Upper Hunter Valley of New South Wales.

He is the inventor of the Natural Sequence Farming method. He is acknowledged as having converted his degraded high-salinity land at Tarwyn Park into a fertile, drought-resistant estate. His techniques run counter to prevailing accepted practices. Peter Andrews is also the author of a best selling book on his methods, entitled Back from the Brink: How Australia's Landscape can be Saved. He also has written a book called Beyond the Brink that further explains his theories about water movement in the Australian landscape with the additional subjects of global warming and GMO usage and how this effects soil and the environment.

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