VT10 30th Anniversary of Six O'Clock Rock DVD Volume 1

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VT10    -   30th Anniversary of Six O'Clock Rock DVD Volume 1

FROM THE 1989 VAULT    -    The Lost Tapes

The 30th Anniversary of SIX O’CLOCK ROCK  Volume 1    VT10         Parramatta Leagues Club

1.    Lonnie Lee - Starlight Starbright
2.     Alan Dale - She’s my baby
3.     Johnny Devlin - Doreen
4.     Jay Justin - Proud of you
5.     Adam - I wanna love you
6.     Roland Storm - Sing Sing Sing
7.     Woomera - 55 Days in Peking
8.     Barry Stanton - Beggin’ on my knees
10.   The Fauns - Get a little dirt of your hands
11.   Warren Williams - A star fell from heaven
12.   Doug DeKroo - Hey Sheriff
13.   Lonnie Lee - Yes Indeed I do

Adrian Munn's Woomera Orchestra - Featuring Jeff Cripps Drums - Art Phillips Guitar

Vocal Backings  -   Peter Paul and Margaret - The Flanagans

Wayne's Rockback Rock’n’Roll Dancers                              "

Sound - Lindsay Clout
Administration: Suzanne Rix
Hostess: Lee Thomas

In February 1959 ABC TV Channel 2 launched a live to air one hour program to run at 6 pm on Saturday nights across Australia, called, ‘Six O’Clock Rock’.

It was based on England’s BBC show 6.05 Special

The music content was to be mainly mainstream standards and jazz, with a small 25% of the new Rock’n’Roll music.

There were 2 bands, one for each style. They used Johnny O’Keefe’s band The Dee Jays for the Rock’n’Roll part and Guz Merzi and different bands for the mainstream part.

After a few weeks there were so many requests to increase the Rock’n’Roll music section, they decided to make the show a full on Rock’n’Roll show with Johnny O’Keefe as compere.

Many Australian stars started their careers on this program which ran from Feb 1959 to July 1962.

Because it went live to air it was not recorded except for some tests. These tapes of about one and a half shows, are all that is left to see of this famous show.

In 1989 after returning from living in America for many years, Lonnie Lee decided to celebrate the 30 year anniversary, thus this show. Unfortunately Johnny O’Keefe had passed away, but the other original stars performed their hits and tributes to The Delltones, Johnny Rebb and Dig Richards.

This DVD is the first half of that show. Another DVD (Volume 2 VT11) presents the second half when each star performs many songs.

The show runs 1 hour 40 mins

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Australian Music History

These are the songs which created history from the late 50's and early 60's. This was the time when the Australian music industry began and Lonnie was one of its founders.

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