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GO0D ROCKIN' TONITE - With the Leemen - Songs from Vol 3 -TV Shows 1959-1974

GOOD ROCKIN TONITE – Lonnie and The Leemen

This show has had 2 changes since late 2002 when it was first launched and is in rehearsal now for the latest version. The first version featured songs from the recent CD releases ‘The Definitive Collection Vol 1 and 2 whilst the latest 2004 show featured songs from Volume 3 which was released in mid July 2004.


UP CLOSE & PERSONAL - For smaller, intimate venues.


For quite some time there have been many requests for Lonnie to perform in shows that were not ‘full on’ with his Leemen band so they could hear his stories in a quiter setting . These requests come mainly from his fans who are aware of his very interesting international career and the seemingly endless interesting stories he has about it and the people he has met.

So, after all this time Lonnie is now ready to ‘throw off the shackles’ and present a more ‘informal and intimate’ show.

It is very aptly named ‘Up close & personal’, which is exactly what the show is. It will be only playing smaller intimate venues across whilst his normal show with the Leemen will still play the larger venues.

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